Sharif & Munir Custom Homes


Sharif & Munir Image Galleries

This galleries introduce the homeowners to results of the Design/Build philosophy by displaying many of the wonderful homes Sharif & Munir has built. Photographs highlight the features of these homes, from media rooms, to mosaic floors and from landscaping to luxurious interiors. The galleries are sorted into different groups to help illustrate how the process interviewing, conceptualizing, designing, and finally building your home—actually works. Our first gallery is sorted by rooms. If you are only looking for ideas for a particular room, you can focus on that area of the home. Our gallery sorted by price range is helpful with 'benchmarking'. Seeing actual finished products help to understand the level of quality that goes into a Sharif & Munir home. The rendering gallery shows the type of visual aids  that can be produced before a construction project has begun.